Sponsorship Appeal

Our parents can just about manage the weekly coaching costs but we will be entering 6­-7 international competitions and training

camps per year. We have to  pay for all our coach’s travel and accommodation fees as well as our own. These costs per

international visit can cost well over £1000. Costumes also are a large factor, in the region of £500 ­- £900 and two costumes per

person are needed every season.

The money raised by you, would enable us to travel more frequently to Dortmund, Germany, where we receive World Class tuition. It would also help us with the huge costs assosciated with choreography, a vital and crucial process at the start of each season.

This money would be the step we really need to ensure our short term and long term goals are achieved.

Our go fund me page is located here :

Any individual or company that are looking for broadcasting and international exposure should consider us.

Our skating this season will be streamed on streaming sites and viewed widely across the World.

We can wear logos and branding on training gear as well as equipment.  The cost of keeping us at the

top of the country and internationally is colossal. We are hoping that our readers, perhaps a business

or individual, would like to help make our dream come true.