Hi again! Our second post and a lot to report but we will keep it brief. We competed two weeks ago at The August IJS in Sheffield. We were nervous as this was our first competition after 5 months and it was also the first time we did our programmes in competition. In our first skate, the short dance we had a fall meaning we received a deduction, but we carried on with the programme and we mostly pleased with our skate. We placed 3rd out of 6 with a score of 36.07. In the second skate the next day we were determined to make up for valuable marks we lost the previous day. We went out there going 100%, it was a clean skate but we held back on certain bits(thanks to nerves!) and achieved a score of 65.16. This placed us in 1st place for this skate. Unfortunately this did not take us overall into 1st but we finished a close 2nd within 2 points of the leader, Anton and Leticia, who train in Michigan, USA. We were very happy with our starting point for the season ahead and know we were need to improve to get even better for our Grand Prix in Estonia in just over two weeks! We can’t wait to compete internationally again and are really looking forward to the weeks ahead! Emily and James xijsDuring our Short Dance in Sheffield!