It has come to the end of our second season in junior, and we have loved the buzz of the competition season and all it has to offer! We have competed seven times this season and have learnt so much in the process, from how to pack lighter to how to gain important points in the short dance! The Cha Cha short dance we originally started with was to the music of Whitney Houston, but after our first 2 competitions we came to the ulitmate decision that it was not quite what we wanted, and our federation supported and aided us in the decision to change our music to more suitable Cha Cha and Rhumba pieces. Our Free Dance has been a great success this season, skating to “Who Want’s To Live Forever” performed by the Tenors. Our free dance this season captured our love for drama on the ice and every time we performed the programme an incredible feeling of enjoyment and excitement englufed both of us!

Our competitions this season have seen us travel all over Europe, taking in all the different cultures in the little time we had between practices and actually competing! We used every time we performed our programmes as an opportunity to learn and improve, here is a full list of competitions and results this 2017-2018 season:

  • IJS Sheffield – 3rd out of 5
  • ISU JGP CUP OF AUSTRIA (Salzburg)11th out of 16
  • ISU JGP CROATIA CUP (Zagreb)7th out of 14
  • Volvo Open Cup (Riga)5th out of 7
  • British Figure Skating Championships 2017 (Sheffield)2nd out of 4
  • Santa Claus Cup (Budapest)7th out of 20
  • Bavarian Open (Oberstdorf)8th out of 14

The highlights for us were probably The ISU JGP Croatia Cup and the Santa Claus Cup as they were the two places we felt we skated the cleanest programmes and consequently our most proud results! Zagreb and Budapest were so different but both events and both cities were stunning, well-organised and all in all, great experiences.

We have started our off-season training and already learning new things in preparation for the follwing season where we hope to once again, improve and achieve the goals we will be setting out to achieve! Thank you everyone for your ongoing support, from now on we will post more, update more and keep everything up to date!

Em and James x