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Emily Rose Brown and James Hernandez

James Hernandez


Date of Birth : 15/10/2001

Hometown : Amersham

Started skating : 2005

Previous Coaches : Hilary Green, Victoria Wright, Phillip Poole, Mark Naylor, Nick Buckland

Current coach : James Young

Choreographer : Mark Hanretty

Hobbies : athletics, football, tennis and cycling


Hi, I’m James, I’m 16 years old and go to school at Dr Challoners in Amersham. I took up skating after going to my sisters friends birthday party. Sitting at the side watching, being an adventurous young boy I pleaded my mum to take me on. Without touching my feet on ice before I flew around the rink (apparently!) and took to the ice naturally! After completing skate UK courses I carried on skating, looking forward to the days I would go and be taught by my coach, Hilary Green. A previous Olympic medallist skater. After 3 years of competing and doing very well in free skating with my second coach, Victoria Wright I decided I was bored, fed up of the early mornings. During this year I gave up skating totally. I missed the skating, the commitment, I came back as soon as I could, refreshed and excited, it was the most boring year of my life. In 2011 I turned to ice dance after I realised free skating did not suit me, I was not progressing fast enough. I loved the challenge of ice dance, the flow, the speed and the I competed in my first nationals in 2013 at the juvenile level where I came 1st. My success continued and brought me to where I am today, 5 national titles later! Skating has made me the person I am today, a hard working, motivated athlete. Skating with Emily is the centre and focus of my life and we hope we can go all the way to the top.

Emily Rose Brown


Date of Birth : 21/6/2001

Hometown : Preston ( now Berkshire!).

Started skating : 2009

Previous Coaches : Penny Booth, Mark Hanretty, Kathy Hanretty, Phillip Poole, Mark Naylor, Nick Buckland

Current coach : James Young

Choreographer : Mark Hanretty

Hobbies : Running, Reading, Athletics, Climbing.

Hi, my name is Emily Rose Brown, and I amĀ 16 years old. I live in the county of Berkshire and train at Guildford and Dortmund ice arenas with my partner James Hernandez and my coach James Young. I have been ice skating for six years and skating has become my life! I started ice skating when I was eight years old, at a small ice rink in the north of the U.K. After my first session, I immediately knew that skating was the sport for me. Ever since then I have been skating non stop! I used to skate in the north of England where I did all three skating disciplines; figure skating, pair skating and ice dance. However, ice dance was always my favourite! Ice dancing with James means everything to me and skating has become the main part of my life. My goal in skating is to bring back gold to Great Britain!